Organization structure

The organization structure of BDA Pharm Pvt. Ltd.depicts the interrelationship of personnel who manage, perform & verify work affecting quality.

Responsibilities & authorities are defined and documented hereunder for personnel who need organizational freedom to:

a. Initiate preventive action on process, Product/ Service and on quality

b. Identify and record problem relating to Product/ Service, process and
    quality system and initiate, recommend or provide solutions.

c. Verify the implementation of solutions.

d. Control further processing and delivery of non – conforming Product/
    Service until deficiency has been corrected.

In the absence of the concerned personnel, responsibility will shift to same or lower level and authority will shift to higher level.


He is responsible and authorized to provide strategic direction, identify the business focus areas and review the progress of the company to ensure continuous growth.

a. To be the chairman of the Management Review Committee.

b. To define quality policy and objectives of the organization.

c. To allocate duty and responsibility to the management staff.

d. Ultimate responsibility for implementation and maintenance of the quality
    management system.

e. To provide adequate resources and funds for various activities at BDA
    Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur. Ultimate authority for acceptance of solutions to
    various problems as suggested by the employees with respect to their work
    area and providing resources for the successful implementation of the

f. To review and approve documents.

g. To carry out quality planning.

h. To decide and initiate appropriate corrective and preventive action.

i. To negotiate contracts with the customer to ensure timely delivery.

j. To review contracts

k. To handle customer complaint.

MR.Michel Radzimiski
Vice president: Marketing Head

He is responsible and authorized to:

a. Do the market research and plan out for Product management schemes

b. Price control

c. Managing team of marketing executives

d. Promoting products to doctors and stockiest.

e. Promoting sale and help to increase the turnover of company.

MR.Zouheir Bichva
Vice president : Business Development

· They Review, compilation and approval of dossiers for submission to
  national authorities.

· Preparation of standard operating procedures of quality assurance

· Responsible to follow and implement SOPs and cGMP standards

· Responsible to update management for updates on quality assurance and
  keep documentation compliant to global cGMP standards
Extensive Poduct Range

To become a global pharmaceutical company within limited time frame, by providing a range of international quality products at competitive prices through integration. We will achieve our vision by closely working with valued doctors, partners’ company representative who is representing us in various countries. BDA Pharma wants to front runner in recognized member of pharmaceutical society by providing best services.
Global Presence
BDA Pharma started its export division in 2006. Objectively exports activity is in control with BDA Pharma France. Within the short span of time company has made successful inroads into the continents of Africa and Eastern Europe. Our presence is substantially identified in West African countries like Togo Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, RDC, Senegal and Mali. The Company has its associates in India
Quality Policy
Quality excellence is the foundation for the management of our business and the keystone of our goal
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